Brooklyn Nets: It's Time To Make The Call To Andrew Bynum's Agent

By Mark Wilson
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets can no longer wait and hope for things to work out in their favor as their players get healthy. Time waits for no one, and the Nets should know that more than any other team in the NBA. It’s time for Billy King to pick up the phone and make a call.

On the other end should be the agent for Andrew Bynum. The Nets and Bynum would be a perfect fit for the remainder of the season. Bynum is fresh off a promising stint that was shrouded with off-court mystery with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Nets are still trying to get over losing their All-Star center to a season-ending injury.

Jason Kidd has tried many lineups to hide the fact that his team ranks 27th in rebounding and 17th in points allowed. Kevin Garnett is not the answer at center, and they don’t have a capable player on the roster that can defend the middle.

Bynum would be a major upgrade at the position. He will not draw many double teams, but he has the ability to score inside and grab double-digit rebounds. The Nets have proven that they can score from the perimeter with Deron Williams, Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson. All that is missing is that inside presence.

If the worry is Bynum’s attitude, that should not be a problem on a team full of veterans like Garnett and Pierce. Bynum needs a stern voice like he had in Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant to keep him in check.

The pairing needs to happen if the Nets want to climb the conference standings and fight their way into the playoffs. The front office has taken many chances putting this roster together, so what’s one more for a young, hungry two-time champion? The Nets need him and he needs the Nets.

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