Los Angeles Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan Deserves All-Star Bid

By Turner Rice
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers are having a solid season in Doc Rivers’ first year as their head coach. The Clippers are 26-13 and have a pretty good shot at making the playoffs if they can continue to win games while Chris Paul is injured until February. It is well known that Paul and high-flying power forward Blake Griffin are more or less locks for All-Star bids, but their teammate, center DeAndre Jordan, deserves to be in New Orleans with them come February. Jordan is having the best season of his career this season. While he isn’t a prolific scorer (only 9.5 per game) like many All-Stars, he is an incredibly efficient one (64.6 percent from the field) and his style of play warrants an All-Star selection.

DJ has been a monster on the boards this season, posting a league-leading 13.4 a game. He is so athletic and works hard enough to where he manages to turn such a banal part of the game into something that is entertaining at times. That’s right, it’s fun to watch Jordan sky over opponents and snag rebounds at times, which you can’t really say about many other players in the league. One could say the same about watching him block an opponent, a statistic he is averaging 2.5 of a game.

When it comes down to it, Jordan’s style of play is suited for something like the All-Star game. DeAndre Jordan is a pretty laid-back guy who likes to have a good time on the basketball court. This mentality is great for a game that nobody really cares about and everybody just wants to have fun in. Also, seeing Jordan use his freakish athleticism and frame to put down incredible dunks is what makes the Clippers such a special team to watch and would prove to make for an unforgettable All-Star game.

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