Miami Heat Forward LeBron James Tweets That His "Pops Screwed Me with This Hairline"

By Dave Daniels
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James held another one of his impromptu twitter sessions recently, and it is a pretty cool way for him to stay involved with his fans.

Glad to hear that James is not sweating his hairline, because at this point it is just plain, old fun to watch him play the game. His hair may be diminishing over time, but his skills have blossomed like a fine wine and they do not look to be deteriorating anytime soon. James and the Heatles are on the road to a three-peat and think eventually they will run out of gas this season due to fatigue; the ride sure has been fun to watch though, and it will be covered from many different angles here at Rant Sports.

His latest marquee loss was attended by actress Kate Upton and model Katie Holmes among many other celebrities to be sure at Madison Square Garden. It was small forward Carmelo Anthony’s annual regular season moment in the spotlight, and my prediciton is that it will be followed by a quick playoff exit for the Knicks and ‘Melo. Not trying to be a downer, but just have seen this rodeo before and it seems like fool’s gold to me; always rooting for ‘Melo as a DMV guy, but just over time the data sample does not lie about his defensive effort.

Got a couple more pro b-ball pieces coming at you, and maybe even some Rant Sports Prep if you play your cards right. Thanks as always for stopping by.

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