NBA Rumors: Andrew Bynum May Price Himself Out of Contract

Andrew Bynum

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Many NBA teams need a center like Miley Cyrus needs some talent – badly. So when the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to trade Andrew Bynum to the Chicago Bulls and then he was subsequently released, you would imagine that GMs across the league lit up. Bynum quickly became the most notable and possibly most talented free agent big man on the market. But it’s now been a week and Bynum is still yet to find a new home.

So as with most things in life, the all important question – why? Why is a player like Bynum still on the market? The simple answer – money. Or in this case, too much money. To the surprise of no one, Bynum is reportedly asking for substantially more than the minimum contract. These ‘demands’ obviously make it more difficult for teams to ink him, and as a result, he’s still unemployed.

I’m still not convinced that Bynum even wants to play basketball anymore. I am convinced that he’ll try to make as much money as possible before teams figure him out, but you can’t really blame him for that. So far he’s basically done whatever he’s wanted in his career and still got paid. Why not try to get paid again?

If I’m running a prospective team (reportedly Clippers, Knicks, Mavs, Heat), there’s no way I offer this guy more than the minimum until he proves he can still go on the court, night in and night out. Since his last season in L.A. (2011-12), Bynum has played in a measly total of 24 games.


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