New York Knicks Rumors: Team Interested in Andre Miller Trade, Deal Seems Unlikely

By Andrew Fisher
andre miller
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

It’s clear at this point in the NBA season that Andre Miller is available on the trade market. The veteran point guard figures to be moving on from the Denver Nuggets in the near future after his blowup with head coach Brian Shaw, but until now, there hasn’t been any solid leads as to where he might land besides with the Sacramento Kings.

Now, word has emerged that the New York Knicks are interested in the services of Miller. The problem? They’re going to have a hard time acquiring him because of a lack of tradable assets.

Of all the players on the Knicks roster, the only one that they might try to trade is JR Smith. Would the Nuggets want Smith back? I think not. Outside of him, there’s not a player that really makes sense. The Knicks don’t need to get any older, especially if it means dealing another younger player to get Miller.

Could the veteran PG help New York? Absolutely. But a deal just doesn’t make sense from the Nuggets side unless the Knicks were offering up a player like Iman Shumpert. Obviously, that’s not going to happen.

We’ll have to see how Denver handles the Miller situation. There’s also word that the two sides may just try to work things out and that he might not get dealt at all. It’s not surprising that the Knicks are interested in his services, just don’t look a deal to get done. Denver is better served to hold onto him, rather than deal him for inadequate assets in return.


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