How The Cleveland Cavaliers Can Bounce Back From Recent Embarrassment

By kennethbrown
Kelley L Cox- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers can’t catch a break. The team was tipped for success in 2013-14, but they have failed to live up to the hype. However, recently optimism was restored when they acquired Luol Deng and won two games in a row. They then traveled to Sacramento to face the Sacramento Kings with the belief they could win, but they were dominated throughout, losing 124-80. The Kings are not exactly an elite NBA team, so this defeat would have caused a bigger concern than losing to many others.

Deng has provided the team with the kind of player they’ve needed since LeBron James left them, but this defeat will have caused a few heads to drop. The Cavaliers will have to remember the good moments in their two previous games and not their recent encounter against the Kings. If they can continue to build around Deng and Kyrie Irving then there is still every chance of them making the playoffs this season.

Their form has been very inconsistent, but they have talented players on the court. It’s now about finding a way to make them play to the best of their ability, and if that fails, perhaps coach Mike Brown is not the man to take them any further than a struggling franchise simply hoping for more.

The Cavaliers and their toughness can be examined closely now as they continue their long spell on the road. If the Cavaliers can gain momentum away from home then you’d think a return home could spark the consistency they so desperately need. The playoffs aren’t out of reach, but the Cavaliers need to stop making excuses and learn to win games they’re favored in.

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