Indiana Pacers Rumors: Team Could Sign Andrew Bynum To Keep Him Away From Miami Heat

By Richard Nurse
Andrew Bynum
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

From the time Andrew Bynum’s name was tied to potential free agency — and the Miami Heat — I thought that it would be smart for the Indiana Pacers to sign him.

But as last week’s reports began to trickle out, the name of the “Blue Collar” team from the Midwest stayed very far from the mentions. However, as the days passed and the eight teams that were interested in Bynum didn’t jump to toss him a contract, the Pacers’ name started to pop up.

ESPN’s Marc Stein explained the brilliance behind the reported interest:

“Sources say the Pacers, to this point, have not made an official offer and are interested in Bynum more as a measure to keep him away from Miami than they actually want to test the limits of their treasured team chemistry by adding such a wild card halfway through this championship-or-bust season.”

Indiana may not fit all of the 7-footer’s demands of money and guaranteed playing time, but they definitely rank above and beyond his playoff aspirations. More importantly, bringing Bynum in would be one of those shrewd business moves that organizations use to chip away at the stockpiling ways of their Miami counterparts — although it didn’t work out well for Kenyon Martin and last year’s New York Knicks.

Nevertheless, inking Bynum to a contract would give the Pacers one less body to worry about. And if worse comes to worse — and he complains — there are still things more detrimental than being stuck with a big man to clog the middle and give Roy Hibbert a few minutes to rest.

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