Rajon Rondo Could Be Back In Lineup on Friday For Boston Celtics

By Cody Williams
Rondo Friday return
Kevin Liles – USA Today Sports Images

It was just a few days ago when Boston Celtics All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo was talking coyly about his return date from a torn ACL. Though we know he’s going to return at some point during the 2013-14 NBA season, the most specific timeframe that Rondo had been giving was that he would be back before the All-Star break in mid-February.

However, the lack of specificity from the Celtics’ point guard seems to have come to an end. Rondo, ever the creative and idiosyncratic person, sent out this tweet late on Monday night:

29,233,380 seconds is equal to 487,223 minutes; 487,223 minutes is equal to 8120.38 hours; that number of hours is equivalent to 338 days and roughly eight hours. Rondo underwent surgery for his ACL on Feb. 13 of last year at approximately 11 a.m. 338 days and eight hours from then would be Jan. 17, or this Friday.

Quite cryptically, it seems like Rondo is announcing his return date. On Friday, the Celtics welcome the Los Angeles Lakers to Boston, which makes this day seem even more likely for a Rondo return given the game being at home and against the C’s biggest and longest rivals.

Rondo was injured late in January of last season and the Celtics missed him last season, but have missed him even more with their young and starless roster this season. There are some people that believe Rondo’s return will rejuvenate this struggling Celtics team and put them back into playoff position in the Eastern Conference.

While I believe Rondo certainly makes the Celtics more dangerous and will likely put them in contention for a playoff berth in the weak East, I’m not sure his return really changes all too much in Boston. This is still a team sitting in rebuild mode and that has a ton of inexperience on their roster. Rondo will help because he’s that good of a point guard, but don’t expect everything to magically be fixed when he comes back when it comes to this team.

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