Boston Celtics Get Worse By Trading Jordan Crawford

By Carter Roane
Mark L.Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics were involved in a three-team trade where Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks were sent to the Golden State Warriors. The Celtics received Joel Anthony and two draft picks. It is very obvious that the Celtics are building towards the future, but they took a huge step back in terms of competing for the rest of this season.

Crawford had performed very well under coach Brad Stevens, averaging 13 points, five assists and three rebounds per game. In his tenure with Boston, he grew to become a pretty exciting playmaker and he was one of the huge reasons why the Celtics were even remotely close to being in contention this season. This trade basically writes off any chance of the Celtics reaching the playoffs.

Another big reason is because Rajon Rondo is returning very soon from his injury and will be making his season debut. Having Rondo back is going to help out a lot down the road, but he is very rusty right now and it could take him quite some time for him to get his feet back and be anything close to resembling 100 percent. Trading one of your best players for a player who understandably is an All-Star, but hasn’t played all year, isn’t going to help matters this season. Not only that, Boston is now down one very good point guard.

Crawford probably wasn’t going to be resigned for next season. The Celtics do seem to be stockpiling a lot of lottery draft picks and very much have their eye towards being competitive for the future. They could get a lot better very quickly and the fact that they haven’t been completely horrible this season says a lot about the team and the coaching staff.

It is just that the Celtics went through a time where they were pretty bad for a long period and when they won their most recent championship, it brought back how storied and full of tradition and winning this organization is. Some Celtics fans are just used to seeing them maintain a dynasty instead of continually blowing up teams.

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