Is Cleveland Cavaliers' Luol Deng and Kyrie Irving Experiment About to Pay Off?

By kennethbrown
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Cavaliers partnered Luol Deng with Kyrie Irving they knew they had found the potential for something magnificent for their franchise. Now they’re starting to realize just how much of a difference this duo can make together. Of course there will be minor blips along the way, like some of their recent ones, but this team now has the making of something special. The Cavaliers proved to the NBA they want to try and win right now with their trade to secure Deng, but how much will this move and his partnership with Kyrie pay off in the near future?

They have won two out of three on their current road trip, which is fantastic considering this team was struggling to win easier games at home before they created the Deng and Irving partnership. A tough trip to face the Los Angeles Lakers was in store, but the Cavaliers matched them, holding on to win 120-118. The dynamic duo combined for 40 points in this game with Deng picking up the slack while Irving had an off night. This is something the Cavaliers simply have not had before. When Irving wasn’t performing at his best, they usually couldn’t either. Now they have another superstar player than can step up when required.

It’s still early, but this duo will only continue to grow and benefit from playing alongside one another. It won’t be often that both are playing poorly which should see the Cavaliers pick up more wins. The duo has averaged over 40 points this season, and as proven in their most recent game, this will help you to win. Quite simply, the Cavaliers would have lost all three of their games on this road trip if it wasn’t for their new partnership.

Although they can’t win them all, they should win a lot more and quite possibly could make the playoffs. Cavaliers fans are happy at the way the pair is linking up so quickly, and they could enter the playoffs for the first time since LeBron James left. What a reward that would be for this bold move.

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