Can Cleveland Cavaliers Succeed With Dion Waiters or Should They Trade Him?

By kennethbrown
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers had (and still might have) high hopes for their shooting guard, Dion Waiters, but he is constantly in the headlines for both good and bad reasons. Which way do they go regarding his future with the team? He has proven an unreliable starter, yet he performs well as a sixth man off the bench as he did for Syracuse in college. There have reportedly been locker room problems throughout a large part of the Cavaliers’ season with the finger often being pointed at Waiters. So should they continue in hoping for the best or trade him while they can add another productive asset of sorts?

One problem is Waiters’ inability to connect and perform well with All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving — a duo the team hoped would dominate the NBA together for years to come. Kyrie’s future is evidently set in stone with the Cavaliers, but Dion’s is not. The Cavaliers could trade him, using him to package in a deal to land a star caliber player, or make a straight swap to save money or land a high draft pick. With a talent and attitude equally as big as one another, there is no “right move,” and the Cavaliers must work this out in order to give the franchise the best possible future.

Waiters is reportedly happy in Cleveland, but are the Cavaliers happy with their return in a player they invested so highly in? Probably not. The entire NBA was in shock at his selection with his own fans booing throughout the arena at the draft party in which he was selected. That’s not an ideal start for someone in any team. Although some fans have now taken to him there are many who do not approve of his abilities or his place on the roster, so perhaps it would be best to cut ties and reinvest in someone the fans can instantly take to.

This is not an easy decision to make as Dion will no doubt become a successful NBA player, but the question is can he be the player the Cavaliers envisioned or will he be yet another chip used to push their rebuilding plans forward?

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