Miami Heat Continue Their Season Of Duds vs. Washington Wizards

By Richard Nurse
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jealousy has long been a topic discussed in the Miami Heat locker room. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have reminisced about the days of when they were able to take the most shots on a team. Now, LeBron James has come out and let the world know that he gets envious of Kevin Durant’s freedom of field goal attempts.

However, the media seemed to miss James’ veiled volleys at KD’s “unbelievable mindset to get up 30 shots” and go “14-for-34,” while pointing out that he himself is “not much of a forced-shot guy.” Instead, they chose to focus on what type of numbers LeBron promised to put up against the Washington Wizards.

Unfortunately for Miami fans, their play was less than spectacular. Some would call it uninspired — like they met President Obama and had nothing else to play for.

It was as if they were purposely being sloppy to get people in the Capital City to beg for their money back. Either that, or they really didn’t mind being down 34 points to a team that wouldn’t even sniff the playoffs if they were in the Western Conference. The defense was as pitiful as it’s been most of the season — and it was all self-inflicted.

“It’s more mental than anything,” James said via the Miami Herald. “Whether it’s mental fatigue, or lack of, not confidence, but lack of focus and it’s all trickling down to our play on the floor … and the connections defensively just aren’t there right now.”

Who knows what’s going on with the team, but I can’t agree that the loss is secondary to the positive steps that Greg Oden took last night. Pat Riley obviously felt the same way as he walked out of the arena before the game ended. Ownership may tell you that the Heat are off to their best start in history, but there’s no doubt that watching them play has been nothing more than a series of utter disappointments.

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