New Charlotte Hornets Merchandise Will Fly Off Shelves

By danielcarney
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

After the highly anticipated Charlotte Hornets brand identity was unveiled in late December, Bobcats fans directly shifted their focus on to when the new merchandise would finally debut.

The new Charlotte “purple and teal” looked to be a hit for NBA fans all around the world, but the uprising of the returning franchise will get even stronger, as new logo Hornets merchandise will be available to the public at the start of this weekend.

The new, fierce, and determined “Hugo the Hornet” will hit the shelves and online sites on everything from t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and soon jerseys. Saturday will be NBA fanatics’ first chance at getting a hold of “Buzz City’s” newest gear.

At 3 P.M., Hornets gear will first be available online on, and then proceeded by the official Bobcats team store at Time Warner Cable Arena starting at 6 P.M. That should be an absolute mob scene!

Judging from the retro Hornets logo’s successful sales within the NBA community, it’s not a surprise that the new merchandise will be very hot for a long time, and especially when it debuts in just days time.

Though the retro logo is still the clear favorite among the Charlotte fanbase, the new team identity really speaks about their future and what type of team they want to be — “fierce for future success.” It has also received a very strong liking from basketball fans all around the world who are happy with the shift back to the classics.

If the Bobcats make an enormous amount of sales on the first day new apparel is released, there is no saying how much they can sell before the team finally plays their first game as Charlotte’s original franchise on opening night of the 2014-15 season.

Though the highly anticipated jerseys wont be available come Saturday, I feel as though that will be the best-selling team product they release. With the success of the retro Hornets jersey it would be a shame to think the new attire won’t be off the shelves in no time.

People are expecting a lot from Charlotte in designing the new jersey, as it will receive a critical response from fans whether or not people like it. Luckily for snap back shoppers and retro NBA collectors, the throwback feel of the old Hornets logo will still be there as the new identity takes on a whole new theme and design.

I personally will be grabbing a new shirt of on Saturday. Will you? We’re now just one step closer to the long awaited return of Charlotte’s true identity as a basketball loving community and city alike. “Buzz City” has finally returned.

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