Sacramento Kings Make Bitcoins a Payment Option for Team Store

By Connor Muldowney
Sacramento Kings
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

A new era of the NBA is on its way. Does this mean the league is moving toward a different style of play? Nope. Does this mean the league is getting younger? Well, maybe, but no. A new style of paying for tickets and apparel has begun in the league, starting with the Sacramento Kings. What is the new craze? It’s the Bitcoin.

It seems like the way the league is turning is a newer age of currency. What is the Bitcoin, you may ask. Well, it’s a monetary unit that is used to pay for things without giving out personal information. Basically it’s a way to spend money on a card or online without giving out any personal info. You are given a “digital wallet” in which to store the Bitcoin amounts.

Long story short, the Kings are the first NBA team to invest in the company and the first team to openly announce they will be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in their team store and to eventually buy tickets.

While this is cool and all, not many people are scrambling to buy Kings merchandise — seeing as they are terrible and all. When a big time NBA team invests in this, it could end up being huge.

If you’re wondering what a Bitcoin measures out to in American dollars, it is $915 USD to every one Bitcoin. With the way this unit of currency is exploding, it might not be too long before we will be using bitcoins as a way to pay for things and teaching our kids how to count bitcoins in school.

In case you’re wondering, a ticket to a Kings game would be roughly 0.10 bitcoins. Enjoy, Kings fans.

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