Sir Lancealot Wants You To Vote For Lance Stephenson

By Mathew Muncy
Lance Stephenson
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

During the first two years of Lance Stephenson’s NBA career with the Indiana Pacers, he was more commonly known for being an immature New York Legend. His popularity among fans has risen as shown by his inclusion in the top 10 rankings for the Eastern Conference’s backcourt players, but he was still a ways off from a starting spot in the All-Star game.

So, he decided he needed some help. Stephenson, his cousin and teammate Rasual Butler came up with a brilliant and hilarious idea, and thus Sir Lancealot was born. To become a starter in the All-Star game, Stephenson would need to be in the top-two of voting for the Eastern Conference’s backcourt players. Currently, he’s about 600,000 votes from being within striking distance of Kyrie Irving and 650,000 from first-place Dwyane Wade.

The likelihood of Stephenson making the starting lineup in this year’s All-Star game is pretty slim, but he’s making a push both on and off the court. He has become known for his off-the-wall personality and antics that he puts on full display during games, and it’s what has made him not only a fan favorite in Indiana, but across the nation. His Sir Lancealot video shows that he has the same off-the-wall personality off the court as well.

Stephenson has made huge strides on the court since last season. He’s averaging 13.3 points, 5.2 assists and 6.7 rebounds, almost all double his career average, and has recorded three triple-doubles on the season. If this video doesn’t boost him into the top-two, it will at least help his cause with the other Eastern Conference coaches, who will have the power to vote him in as an All-Star reserve.

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