Trip To London Forces Brooklyn Nets To Bond As A Team

By Mark Wilson

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A road trip to Miami is like taking a vacation to relax on the beach for a day or two. A trip to Los Angeles give you time to check out a few of the tourist sites in Hollywood. The Brooklyn Nets took a trip to another country and experienced what its like to truly bond as a team.

There comes a point in an NBA season where closed door meetings and media bashing does not get the point across anymore. The head honcho’s of the NBA scheduling department selects teams to play in other countries to help bridge the gap between us and them and help build the NBA global brand. But to the Nets, this was a much needed vacation for a team that has found their identity but were still learning how to deal with different personalities.

Jason Kidd has had a tough time trying to mold them into the team he thinks they should be. All is not his fault, as he has had to deal with injuries to key players since the start of the season. With the team getting healthy now, the Nets are showing the league they want to be considered as contenders. Since the beginning of the new year, they are off to a 6-1 start with the lone loss coming on the second night of a double overtime game.

There is nothing like a team that has found their footing, identity and purpose on the court. The Nets had to learn how to play with new faces, without star players, and for a new head coach all in the same season. Chemistry takes time and the Nets decided the time has come for them to put it all together. Time away from home can do wonders for a family and that is what the Nets have become during this trip to London.

The way the Nets are playing right now, the rest of the teams in the league might want to send an angry email to the league office and ask why they helped wake a sleeping giant.

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