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5 Reasons Why the Boston Celtics are the Worst Team in the NBA

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Boston Celtics: 5 Reasons Why They're the Worst Team in the NBA

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The Boston Celtics are currently 14-26 and are seen as one of the worst teams in the NBA. So far in the year 2014, Boston is currently 1-8. Their only win came recently against the Toronto Raptors. This season has been a very rocky one for Boston and a big adjustment for the team since losing Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Currently, Boston has major problems with their rotation, their post game, their rebounding, their offensive game and their lack leadership on the team.

Boston is currently going through a rebuilding phase. Boston's head coach, Brad Stevens, has been testing lineups to see who fits well on the Celtics' roster. Boston is currently facing a lot of questions with Rajon Rondo's return just around the corner.

The Celtics have looked miserable this year on both ends of the court. They are currently averaging 95.1 PPG and have a DefRtg of 103.3. The Celtics have scored more than 100 points only once in the last ten games. The Celtics are currently letting games slip away with poor performances. Maybe they are looking towards the lottery or maybe they are this bad. It's hard to tell what Danny Ainge is up to as he tries to speed up Boston's rebuilding phase.

Right now, Boston is bad which is not a secret, but it isn't all their fault. The Celtics are going through a rough patch, but the only way to go is up. Don't be too upset Boston fans. Here is a look at five reasons for why the Celtics are the worst team in basketball right now.

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5. Poor Post Game

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Boston currently has a very weak post game. The Celtics are lacking a big man that they can count on every night. Kris Humphries is their current starting center and only averaging 7.4 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game. The Celtics have not had a center they can count on all year.

Recently, starting power forward Jared Sullinger had a big game in the win that snapped their nine-game losing streak. Sullinger joined the 20/20 club and was the first Celtic to do so since Kevin Garnett's debut. Sullinger is currently averaging 13.2 PPG. Boston will need more performances like this because currently Brandon Bass is the only other big man averaging 10 PPG. For Boston, one of the biggest problems is the lack of dependable big men.

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4. Poor Rebounding

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The Celtics have had issues rebounding the ball the season, and this goes along with not having a dependable big man to count on. 5.7, 4.4 and 3.5 are the rebounding averages for Boston's centers. As a team, they are currently averaging 42.7 rebounds per game.

It's obvious teams win more when they are rebounding the ball well. The lack of a big presence in the post allows for Boston to get dominated on the glass every night. For instance, in their loss to the Denver Nuggets, the Celtics were outrebounded 56-35. The Celtics are so bad because every night they get worked around on the block and on the glass.

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3. Lacking In Leadership

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It is no surprise that after losing longtime head coach Rivers the Celtics would have to start looking around for answers. Then when Pierce and Garnett left, the Celtics had to look deeper for a leader. Fortunately for Boston, they have had one all along. Rondo has sat out this whole season, and he is the leader that Boston has been missing. His on-court presence is missed greatly in Boston, and his absence is also one of the reasons for why Boston is so bad. They are like a train missing their conductor, and it has everyone in the organization looking around for short-term answers. It has been rumored that Rondo will be returning soon. His offensive leadership and on-court presence will play a strong role in Boston's success. The longer Rondo is out, the more games Boston will lose.

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2. Troubles With Rotation

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Boston's roster and rotation is like a puzzle that has not been put together yet. Boston is still rebuilding and some pieces as still missing which is why the puzzle can't be put together yet. It looks like the Celtics have decided to rebuild around Rondo by recently trading away Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks for Joel Anthony and two draft picks.

Now that Crawford is gone, Stevens only has two players that average over 30 minutes per game. He is in his first year of coaching and announced that he was on board with the Celtics rebuilding. Stevens is experimenting with the rotation and trying to figure out what works, who has to stay and who has to go. Boston's roster and rotation are not complete yet which is why they are suffering so many losses.

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1. Insufficient Offense

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So far this season, the Celtics have had offensive troubles. Jeff Green currently averages the most points per game, 15.7. Boston has the problem of not having a "go-to guy." Every night the Celtics play someone new must step up as the offensive role player for that game. When Rondo returns he can provide some offensive stability for Boston that the team has not had this season. The Celtics are currently 26th in the league in scoring. They are averaging 95.1 PPG and shooting 44 percent from the field.

Insufficient offense is a reason as to why the Celtics are so bad this year. They lack consistent scorers who take high-percentage shots. When Rondo is back the Celtics will be a little better off offensively.