John Wall’s Circus Shot Difference Maker Against Chicago Bulls

By Isaac Comelli
John Wall
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards battled to the end of a three-point contest on Friday. Although the game between two average teams ended up being interesting, the best part of the night was John Wall’s circus shot late in the third quarter. You can see the highlight on the NBA’s website by clicking here.

It is hard to say that any one play in a game can truly be the difference maker. Even a last-second buzzer beater could be argued as not being the most important play in a game. There are too many important moments along the way as the teams battle to maintain or gain control. Nevertheless, Wall’s wild, thrown-up and-one represented a huge turning point for the Wizards.

His shot came late in the third quarter, a point in a basketball game that is crucial. A short run to end the third could mean a several-point lead heading into the fourth that could take the wind out of one team’s sails and boost the other team’s momentum. Wall’s shot continued what would become a 10-0 run and gave the Wizards the lead back after losing it just prior.

In the grand scheme of the game, Wall’s and-one may have seemed an inconsequential step along the way to a three-point win, but without his bucket and free throw, the Wizards and Bulls might have gone to overtime. With the Bulls being the arguably deeper team, this could have resulted in a loss for Washington who would have then dropped below .500 in the standings.

The Wizards owe not only this game to Wall, his game-high 23 points and his circus shot, but they also owe their season to his leadership and brilliant play. John Wall is a difference maker, just as he was on Friday night.

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