LeBron James’ Birthday Message to Dwyane Wade Being Read Into Way Too Much

By Cody Williams
LeBron Wade birthday
Chip Somodevilla – Getty Images

Miami Heat star guard Dwyane Wade turned 32 years old on Friday and, as friends tend to do, his teammate LeBron James took to social media to wish Wade a happy birthday. James posted a photo collage to his Instagram accounts, which was pretty cool. However, it was the caption that started the NBA world buzzing.

In a lengthy and heartfelt message to Wade, James talked about how he treasured Wade’s friendship and how the two were like brothers. The line that people seemed to focus on the most, though, was when LeBron wrote, “No matter what happens in the future, we stuck together.”

With James’ pending free agency in the summer of 2014 looming and no one with any real idea on what LeBron’s next move is going to be, some people began to read into this birthday message as a sign that LeBron could be headed elsewhere and that the message sounded like Wade and James would be parting soon.

If you ask me, people are reading into this matter entirely too much. I understand that people want to try and speculate about what James plans to do in free agency and they don’t want to be somewhat blindsided like they were with “The Decision.” However, not everything has to be a clue. Sometimes a birthday message to a friend is a birthday message to a friend.

Maybe LeBron plans to leave Miami after this season, but I don’t think there’s any indication of that in what he said to Wade. In actuality, I think James is talking about their potential retirement or failures or whatever else could happen to the two stars of the Heat. Either way, it’s silly to overreact to every little thing that James does and relate it to his free agency. He may be the best player in the world, but he also has the right to be a normal guy at times as well.

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