LeBron James' Birthday Messages To Dwyane Wade Are Preparing Miami Heat Fans For The Decision 2

By Brian Anderson
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Before we know it, the NBA season will be ending and we will all be talking about whether or not LeBron James will stay with the Miami Heat. LeBron has been hush about his decision, but he may have already given his answer if we read between the lines. The most recent rumors of him skipping town surfaced after he reached out to Dwyane Wade on Instagram to wish his friend a happy birthday. Here’s what LeBron had to say to Wade:

“I came to Miami for 2 reasons. To play with U and to win championships and I cannot thank u enough for the sacrifice you have made since I arrived homie! No matter what happens in the future we stuck together like brothers for life.

Happy Bday to my running mate, homie, brother, and most of all straight up friend! The friendship we’ve created our rookie year at pre draft camp was pure and that’s why we stuck together from that point on! Obviously didn’t know we would eventually become teammates and do the things we’ve done so far.”

What may seem like just random birthday wishes could easily be mistaken as a farewell to a partnership that is ending after this season. I would not doubt if James has already shared his plans to leave with Wade. His messages would make much more sense if that were the case. Wade may be readying himself to leave town as well. I doubt if he follows LeBron, but he is not the same player he once was. If LeBron does leave then Wade should in fact look for a new suitor, preferably a team led by a young superstar who could help bring Wade another NBA Championship.

Wade and James are good friends, and good friends share secrets. It is clear that the rest of the world will be left in the dark as long as possible, especially after LeBron created such a stir with his “Decision” to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If I were a fan of the Heat, I would be preparing myself for the worst-case scenario. It seems that James is indeed trying his best to inform the world of his decision to test the free-agency market when the season ends. Everyone can see the ship sinking in Miami. LeBron knows that even if this team won a third title they would have a tough time getting back there the following year. Wade’s health is not what it once was, and Chris Bosh isn’t a dominating power-forward at point of his career.

Sorry Miami, but your days of being title contenders are numbered and time is flying. The Heat have become prey in a jungle where they once roamed as kings. If there is anyone to blame for LeBron inching closer to becoming a free agent then the youth and talent of teams like the Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder should have fingers pointed in their direction. James has to be closely watching what these teams are doing, and they have to make him feel like he can do better for himself.

The Pacers have four potential All-Stars, while LeBron could easily be the lone All-Star if the voting were not up to biased fans. I don’t want to start speculating about where James will end up playing. Still, there is one team I know he will not be suiting up for — the Heat. The end of this season will prove to be the end of the big-three era and a great day for LeBron and Heat haters all around the world.

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