Metta World Peace Back In The Spotlight With Hilarious Twitter Picture

By Brian Anderson
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Metta World Peace has always been one of the more entertaining characters in the NBA. He has drawn a lot of attention over his career – mostly for the rumble in the Palace of Auburn Hills where he led the Indiana Pacers in an all out brawl against Detroit Pistons fans.

After the brawl, World Peace served a lengthy suspension and would return to the NBA as a more light-hearted and colorful character than we ever expected. His antics will forever live in the minds of fans worldwide.

We should never forget times like when he raffled off his NBA Championship ring after winning the 2010 NBA Finals as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. There was also that time when he applied for a job at Circuit City in hopes of getting an employee discount on electronics.

In addition, let us not forget that he asked for a month off from basketball due to being exhausted from promoting a rap album that would ultimately fail horribly. He even admitted to drinking liquor at halftime when he played with the Chicago Bulls. It is evident that World Peace has a few screws loose, but he’s a really good person nonetheless.

After a few controversial years, World Peace turned things around, finding a more light-hearted side to himself. He changed his name on the quest for peace (pun intended). The artist formerly known as Ron Artest is now a member of the New York Knicks and is working towards the end of his wildly entertaining career.

Artest may finish his career donning the Knicks’ trademark blue uniforms, but after tonight, blue may be the last color we ever want to see World Peace wearing again. The picture below shows exactly what it is I mean by that:


This is perhaps his most harmless ploy for attention to date, but hopefully not his last. This is just Ron being Ron – weird, wild and entertaining.

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