NBA Fans Need to Realize the Charlotte Bobcats Are Not 7-59 Anymore

By danielcarney
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Far too long have the Charlotte Bobcats been deemed as the laughingstock of the NBA, but truly, those comments should come to an end as Michael Jordan has developed a team that may score a playoff berth. It is without the slightest doubt that the Cats are still the team dished the most jokes in the entire league, but the conversation must come to an end.

I don’t know if it is fans loving to hate on other teams or just plain insecurity about their own team, but for some reason, the laugh always comes back to Charlotte. Yes, the Bobcats did go an NBA worst (all-time) 7-59 in the 2011-12 season. But why should they still be looked at the same way by many today?

Charlotte has the potential to be one of the rising franchises in the National Basketball Association in years to come, yet it all goes back to the season with a .110 winning percentage. Jordan assembled a cast this year that’s not aiming for the lottery. A roster that’s not going for a No. 1 pick, and most importantly, a group of guys hungry for success.

With the team still trying to find who they want to be and what they are in line to accomplish, the jokes will still flow in relating the Cats to the worst franchise in NBA history, but soon they will come to an end. Once insecure fans realize that the Bobcats can secure a playoff spot in the lacking Eastern Conference, they will slowly stop nagging them.

Through hard work, determination and the effort to prove to the NBA world wrong, the Cats will rise and the doubters will fall. Once the Hornets nickname are revived, more strength will be added. Once this squad rises to their full potential, the 2011-12 Bobcats’ shame will soon be a thought forgotten in time.

So, why go back to the 2011-12 season just to poke some fun at the slowly rising roster? It either is people just love to make fun of the Cats for no good reason or they just fail to realize they are not the same horrendous team they once were. Go on! Keep making fun of them for some type of benefit you so desperately desire.

It doesn’t matter if a championship contender’s fanbase is trashing on Charlotte or a lottery team’s fans doing the same. All of that outside disrespect will just make the Kemba WalkerAl Jefferson-led Cats than more motivated to return basketball excellence to the city of Charlotte just like it once was with the Hornets. Charlotte basketball is on the rise, and if you fail to realize that … go right ahead.

No random NBA fan saying the “Bobcats are the biggest joke” will affect the team in any way. Keep the jokes coming because Charlotte will just keep on rising!

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