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Top 5 Free Agents the Chicago Bulls Should Go After

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Top 5 Free Agents Who The Chicago Bulls Should Go After

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The Chicago Bulls' season has been full of ups and downs, major injuries, trades and surprises. Not what the organization expected coming into this season with championship aspirations. There were no questions about tanking and waiting for next year's draft. Now the fans and some in the organization have their hopes set on next season and the future of the team.

The Bulls' season took a turn for the worse when their star guard, Derrick Rose, was injured in the beginning of the year. That has taken a toll on the team and the questions have swirled around about tanking. Then they made a surprise move when they traded their glue guy away, Luol Deng, to the Cleveland Cavaliers for basically draft picks and cap space. The Bulls ended up waiving Andrew Bynum and now will have $20 million in cap space available and multiple draft picks for the future, assuming they amnesty Carlos Boozer, which is expected.

Even though the Bulls under coach Tom Thibodeau are not tanking and many are counting them out, they will have enough to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. But many around the league and fans are very excited about the future. The Bulls, according to their general manager Gar Forman, are retooling the roster for another run at a title for years to come.

So the Bulls will have the cap space and want to seriously contend for a championship. The team must make some more moves to help a recovering Rose. The Bulls are not trying to rebuild their whole roster, but do need to do some tweaking of balance with veterans and young talent. Here are the top five free agents the Bulls will try to go after.

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Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony will be the first free agent the Bulls will try to go after. He will be sought after by many teams looking for the dynamic scorer. He would help the Bulls in variety of ways because of his elite scoring and would take much pressure off D-Rose.

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LeBron James

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The best player in the league could possibly opt out of his contract and become a free agent. It's highly unlikely James will leave the Miami Heat, but if he does, the Bulls should be all over it. They tried to acquire James three years ago and went all in, but nothing materialized. Could playing with Rose, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler and coach Thibodeau be enough?

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Lance Stephenson

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Stephenson has improved by leaps and bounds. He is on the verge of being a contender for most improved player and is a key element to the Indiana Pacers' success. After Melo and James, rumors have started that he is on the Bulls' radar.

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Gordon Hayward

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Hayward is one of the better all-around players in the league. He flies under the radar because he plays for the Utah Jazz, but his game speaks volumes and he could help the Bulls with his versatility.

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Evan Turner

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Turner is another young and up and coming player. The Bulls will need some youth to blend with the veterans and he is the type of player that could help. He is a good enough ball handler and could play off of Rose. He has also improved by leaps and bounds over the last two years.