Do The Cleveland Cavaliers Need a Physical Presence Like Omer Asik?

By kennethbrown
Isaiah J. Downing- USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t long ago that the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Andrew Bynum, but are they lacking a physical presence that can get inside and help to dominate against difficult opponents? They have been dominated by big players in some games this season, and you can’t help but think that problem could be solved with their own talented, big man, but who could they land?

The Cavaliers do have Tyler Zeller and Anderson Varejao that operate in a similar way, but both players are very unique and there is still room for a tough, big guy, too. The Cavaliers had been interested in Omer Asik, and perhaps they could renew their interest in the center. He is available if the right deal is presented, and he would immediately make the Cavaliers a tougher, taller team.

Some suggest that players like Asik are a thing of a past, but the teams that do have players like this are a lot tougher than the ones without that presence, so it couldn’t hurt to have options, could it? With Luol Deng and Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers already have a lot of what a great team requires, so adding somebody like Asik can only help the team to improve and be ready to compete in the near future.

There’s still time to make trades and fix their weaknesses, and although they’re happy with their recent improvement, the Cavaliers may find it clever to make a move like this. If the Cavaliers want to be up there with the best teams, then they have to become solid in each and every position.

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