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Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins’ All-Star Hopes Quickly Diminishing

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DeMarcus Cousins has made headlines all season long, and not the ones you would expect from the supposedly immature star. Cousins was named Western Conference Player of the Week and has recorded 13 straight games with a double-double. His numbers are up across the board while his attitude has stayed in check. It’s just a shame that it won’t equate to an All-Star selection.

With the third returns of the All-Star votes accounted for, Cousins remains at 11th place and unlikely to be selected by the fans. Even though he still has a chance at being picked by the coaches for the reserve team or earn a wild card spot, he deserves an actual All-Star selection.

It’s a shame his votes (148,604) through Saturday have lagged. Writers have been shouting that Cousins deserves a spot all year but with only three days left to vote, it seems unlikely that he will made it. The fans have spoken, and they decided to elect players that won’t be playing in the game this season — go figure.

Kobe Bryant, the top vote-getter, says he wants to return this season, but it won’t come at the All-Star Game. Bryant could be joined by Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul, who are also working their way back from injury. In the East, Derrick Rose received the third-most votes, but will sit the game out. It all adds up to a long list of banged-up bodies and lackluster first-team All-Stars.

If there was any year for Cousins to earn an All-Star selection outright, it was this one. That said, it won’t all be for naught. Cousins has proven to many, including this writer, that signing him long-term would pay huge dividends, not to mention his attitude and demeanor has improved under the tutelage of Sacramento Kings minority owner Shaquille O’Neal.

Cousins’ All-Star snub is the result of a lackluster win-loss record and him playing in a small market. Though the team has learned to think globally, Cousins’ reach just isn’t there yet even though his numbers have been outstanding. His 11.7 rebounds per game are fifth-best in the league, more than likely All-Stars Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan and Blake Griffin.

With 24.7 points per game, he’s scoring more than front-runner Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis. This all adds up to Cousins getting unfairly snubbed as a selection.

This bodes well for the future because even as he’s being snubbed, I feel Cousins’ main goal is to maintain his stellar season and work to turn the team around. For you and me, Cousins as an All-Star comes second to the Kings, even if he has staged giveaways to get the fans to vote. Don’t let it fool you — for Cousins, it’s become more about the team on the front than the name on the back.

Karim Akbar is a Sacramento Kings writer for Rantsports,  For More Sacramento Kings News, “Like” his RantSports page on Facebook or add him to your network on Google+

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