Should Cleveland Cavaliers' Anthony Bennett Be Sent To D-League?

By kennethbrown
Eric Mull- USA TODAY Sports

When The Cleveland Cavaliers landed the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 draft, some said they were very lucky, but others laughed at their limited options and the countless of wrong choices they could make. They selected Anthony Bennett, and it’s safe to say he has been had one of the worst rookie seasons in NBA history. Bennet has been poor through the entire season and the Cavaliers have decisions to make.

He has played so poorly that it’s hard for the Cavaliers to justify giving him more than a few consolation minutes. Normally, most rookies offer something on the court, but Bennett has offered nothing to his team. This raises the question, what should the Cavaliers do with a man they’ve invested so much in, yet received nothing from?

One option that has been suggested lately is sending him to the D-League. Usually, the D-League is not a place reserved for No. 1 draft picks, but it may be Bennett’s only hope of finding confidence and form. The D-League’s standard is arguably worse than college, and it would be a chance for Bennett to be the star of the show. He could get the minutes he needs and work on every area of his game that evidently needs it.

When discussing it recently, even Bennett admitted it would be beneficial, which is a surprise, as not many players would admit they’re in need of the D-League. With a frustrated management team and an extremely limited player, there’s no other choice other than the D-League or trading him, right?

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