The Cleveland Cavaliers Finally Have A Positive Atmosphere

By kennethbrown
Isaiah J. Downing- USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a tough season for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but whisper it quietly, it appears like they are finally having fun. From their faces on the court, their words, the press conferences, and the tweets from everybody in the organization, the Cavaliers’ roster and management seem happy. We all know a happy team is one that is going to win more games than they lose. The Cavaliers were unhappy and had locker room problems, and they lost the majority of their games. Since trading for Luol Deng, these problems appear to have disappeared, creating a positive, winning team.

Why has it changed so quickly? It’s as simple as bringing in Deng and getting rid of Andrew Bynum. Deng is a happy, motivated player who has the experience to win, as well as make the roster believe in themselves, which he’s evidently done. Also, by removing the negativity surrounding Bynum, the rest of the roster is free and knows their roles, and whatever problems he was causing are no longer a worry.

The Cavaliers now have a young roster who knows their place and believes they can achieve their 2013-14 playoff aspirations. Once things are organized from the top to the bottom, it can be a lot easier to focus on your goals, and the Cavaliers have realized that very quickly in recent weeks. It’s not often there’s a sense of joy in Cleveland, so the players need to enjoy it and ensure it remains for as long as possible.

Regardless of how they finish the season, it appears the Cavaliers will have a better second half  of the season than they have the first half, and that will be a positive push in to the next season, in which they might finally be able to compete for more than a high draft pick.

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