New York Knicks Turn In Gutless Performance In Loss vs. Brooklyn Nets

By Damein Fitzgerald
New York
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The NBA should take a serious look at how they account for in-game statistics as basketball has arguably the least informative box score of any sport. Sure, the basketball box score will account for the basic statistics like points, rebounds, assists and turnovers, but I think it’s time that the fan who can’t watch every single game gets more information from the box score than we currently get. The game between the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets is a prime example of the fact that the numbers may never lie, but they can be misleading in some cases.

One glance at the box score would lead many to believe the Nets’ performance was pretty average with their 103 total points and 49.3 percent shooting, but Brooklyn put on a clinic in Madison Square Garden. The only reason the Nets failed to score more points was due to their inability to hit more of their in-game warm up jump shots. The Knicks’ defensive effort was pathetic the entire game, but they were let off the hook somewhat from a statistical standpoint because the Nets went cold shooting their jumpers during much of the third quarter.

I propose that there needs to be someone accounting for how many passes a team needs to use against a defense to earn an open shot. In this game, Brooklyn would either penetrate from the perimeter into the paint to find someone wide open for a jumper or run a little screen action at the top of the key and then pass the ball around the perimeter to take advantage of New York’s sloppy defensive rotations. Either way, the Nets scored way too easily against a team that supposedly ranks in the top 10 in opponent’s points allowed.

Watching the Knicks play defense in this game would remind any parent of their young child’s youth basketball team as New York was easily beaten by the Nets in drive and kick situations. Honestly, New York rarely gets their offense into any decent drive and kick situations of their own, so when they play a team that does it’s probably extremely difficult to defend against it. All in all, as professional basketball players, the Knicks will cringe with embarrassment when they watch this game film, and hopefully they will respond in the right way.

The Knicks have been mentioned in all kinds of ridiculous trade rumors this season, but the contract situations of several of their would-be movable assets makes closing a deal nearly impossible. No team in their right mind is going to agree to take on J.R. Smith‘s contract or give up the necessary pieces to add Carmelo Anthony when he’s in the last year of his deal, and no team wants Andrea Bargnani. The only option left is to either hold open tryouts around the city of New York or coach Mike Woodson is going to have to find a way get these current Knicks to play with a little heart.

The Knicks played with no heart at all against the Nets, and that manifested in New York’s poor defensive effort. If the Knicks play this way against the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday, they might as well brace themselves for their fifth consecutive loss. 

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