Top 15 Most Intimidating Players in the NBA

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Most Intimidating NBA Players

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You might not think many NBA players can be considered intimidating. I mean, they aren't technically playing a contact sport and there are rarely fights in basketball. Scuffles do happen, but fights are a rarity -- unless you're Metta World Peace. However, there are some NBA players that could give you some trouble if you accidentally started a fight.

In fact, all of the guys on this list are so intimidating that you would be an idiot to try and start a fight with them. Some are physical on the court and some are just intimidating when it comes to looks -- or even style of play. The best players in the NBA aren't hotheads, but they are intimidating because they can take over a game or win a game in crunch time and send your favorite team home with a loss.

Back in the day, Michael Jordan was one of the most intimidating players in the league. In fact, you can look back and say he was the most intimidating player of all time. No, he wouldn't start fights all the time or play dirty, but he had ice water in his veins and would take over the game in an instant. You never knew what Jordan was going to do, you just knew he was going to do something amazing.

Don't forget about the Detroit Pistons in the early 1980s to the early 1990s. They were nicknamed "The Bad Boys" and they based their whole game around tenacious defense and playing extremely tough basketball. Many players came through and played for the Pistons -- and they were all tough.

Today, people claim basketball isn't nearly as tough as it used to be. While that might be true, there still are some tough, intimidating players in the game today. Let's take a look at the 15 most intimidating NBA players today and let me know which tough guys I've missed.

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Honorable Mention: Ben Wallace

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Ben Wallace retired a year ago, but he will always be remembered as one of the most intimidating defenders of all time.

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15. Blake Griffin

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Blake Griffin is a beast physically and his dunks are the most intimidating in basketball today.

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14. DeAndre Jordan

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Same with Blake Griffin, Jordan's dunks give everyone in the league goosebumps. In fact, he almost embarrassed one player right out of the league. Sorry, Brandon Knight.

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13. Reggie Evans

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Evans is known for being extremely physical. Almost too physical. Nonetheless, his intimidation factor is obvious.

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12. Dwight Howard

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This can can throw it down in your face or block every shot you put up in a given game. How would you like to be matched up with this seven-foot monster.

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11. Kenyon Martin

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Kenyon Martin has always been known as a bad boy and he can be as physical as any guy in the league. He has been around for years so he knows what he can get away with on the court.

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10. Kendrick Perkins

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Perkins just has that look about it. He never smiles, he's always angry and he just looks like he wants to hurt someone. Someone give that guy a hug.

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9. Roy Hibbert

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Ah, good ol' Roy Hibbert. He's a big man in the league who is also known for his tremendous defending prowess. He's tall, angry and poised for an NBA title -- yeah, I'd say he's pretty intimidating.

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8. Kevin Durant

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Durant isn't the biggest guy out there, but that's not what makes him intimidating. He's a killer on the court and can drop 50 points on you in an instant. Yeah, that's scary.

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7. Serge Ibaka

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Known as a hothead in recent years, Serge Ibaka isn't afraid to back down from any fight -- and he's usually the biggest guy in that fight.

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6. Metta World Peace

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World Peace might be his name now, but he is known for his numerous technicals, fighting in the stands against fans and that death stare.

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5. Kobe Bryant

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Kobe, just like Durant, isn't the most physically daunting player in the league, but you better hope that you never have to guard him. The guy is known as one of the greatest of all time for a reason.

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4. Joakim Noah

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Just look at Joakim Noah. If that face doesn't make you shutter, I don't know what will.

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3. LeBron James

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LeBron is like Kobe and Durant, but he is also physically daunting. Never has the league seen such a dominating presence that can play all five positions and run the court with ease. He is 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds of pure muscle.

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2. Zach Randolph

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Randolph may look like a cartoon -- such as a Ninja Turtle -- but don't let that fool you. He's strong and won't ever back down.

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1. Kevin Garnett

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Kevin Garnett has the death stare, the strength and the reputation to back up his intimidation. The dude is straight crazy, just look at the look in his eyes.