Boston Celtics Rumors: Team Looking To Deal Several Pieces?

By Zach Morrison
Jeff Green
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics have already made one significant move, sending MarShon Brooks and Jordan Crawford to the Golden State Warriors in a three-team trade that also included the Miami Heat. In the same deal, the Celtics received a few picks and Joel Anthony from the Heat. My colleague, Phil Naegely, gives his take on the three-team trade in this article from a Celtics perspective. Even after that semi-big move, the Celtics are still looking to deal.

Sam Smith of has some more trade rumors surrounding the Celtics. He says that executives around the NBA seem to think the Celtics want to trade small forward Jeff Green, and they would really like for the team taking Green to also take Gerald Wallace off of their hands as well.

This would be a very difficult thing to pull off for the Celtics because of the contracts of Green and Wallace. Green was signed to a four-year, $35 million contract in August of 2012 that doesn’t end until the 2015-16 season if you count the player option that he will likely exercise. In the summer of 2012, Wallace signed a four-year, $40 million deal that won’t end until after the 2015-16 season like Green just with no options.

Clearly, any team taking Green and Wallace will need to have significant cap room remaining or they will need to include a few players in the deal to make the salaries work for both teams.

Green is still a useful player, but his contract — while not nearly as awful as Wallace’s — is still not very team-friendly. Wallace, on the other hand, is not very useful anymore. He is averaging just 22.1 minutes per game for the Celtics this season with just 4.2 points per game to show for it. The Celtics will surely try to move both Green and Wallace in the same deal, but they would be better off to decide to trade Green by himself so they can get a better return. Wallace is going to be nearly impossible to move, anyway.

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