Houston Rockets Rumors: Team Trading For Rajon Rondo?

By Andrew Fisher
Rajon Rondo
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Rajon Rondo has returned to the NBA after nearly a year away. The star point guard made his season debut this past Friday night for the Boston Celtics, but now many are wondering if that will be his final season debut with the storied franchise.

It’s been talked about for months now, but the time for a Rondo deal could finally be here. When it comes to the topic of a trade for the star PG, there are many varying opinions. Some think the Celtics would be batty to deal him, while others think they’d be crazy not to. You can make a solid case either way, but I still believe it will boil down to Rondo’s willingness to play for a rebuilding team in Boston.

I don’t think he’s wired to play for team that’s not in contention. While the Celtics haven’t been as bad as some predicted they’d be this season, they’re clearly still a couple years away from being back in the title picture (best case scenario). Will Rondo stay focused, maintain a positive attitude and then re-sign with the Celtics after his contact expires next season? I doubt it.

Boston needs to trade him and they need to do it soon. But where to? The latest rumors have three potential landing spots for the All-Star PG: Houston, Phoenix and New York. Clearly, the Knicks would be a long-shot (considering their lack of assets), so that leaves Houston and Phoenix. Of those two, the Rockets make the most sense to me.

This is the deal that’s rumored to be on the table: Houston would receive Rondo in exchange for Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik and a first round pick. A steep asking price? You bet. However, if Rondo returns to his prior form, it’s a trade that could make the Rockets serious contenders.

We’ll have to see how things play out over the next few weeks as the trade deadline (February 20th) approaches, but if you had to name a favorite in the Rondo trade sweepstakes, I’d go with the Rockets.


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