Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant Doubtful To Return This Season

By Andrew Fisher
Kobe Bryant
Getty Images

It’s been a painful season for Los Angeles Lakers fans. It’s literally been a painful season for Kobe Bryant. The veteran shooting guard is currently on the shelf after breaking a bone in his left leg, which came just six games into his return from a ruptured Achilles. It’s not the season Bryant had in mind, but let’s be honest, the Lakers weren’t going anywhere with him at 100 percent. The question has now become – should the Black Mamba just sit out the remainder of 2014 and ready himself for a final season or two starting next fall?

According to the latest reports, Bryant sounds like a guy who’s not going anywhere near a basketball court anytime soon. Jay Cohen has reported that Kobe is riding an exercise bike at this point, but that he’s not doing much else to rehab. This could be because we’re talking about a broken bone, which isn’t something that can be rushed. Bones are going to heal at their own pace.

But no matter if Kobe’s leg heals in two more weeks or two more months, it won’t really matter to his team. The Lakers are dead in the water and are in need of a serious regroup this offseason. Questions about Bryant’s return are actually irrelevant when compared to questions about trading Pau Gasol. He needs to be dealt and Steve Nash‘s future needs to be planned out. Both guys are not long-term or really even short-term answers in Los Angeles.


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