Miami Heat’s Defense Is As Active As An Injured Derrick Rose

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
Kent Smith-Getty Images

“It’s mentally exhausting to go through this every single night,” forward Shane Battier said via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

That’s the type of quote that could be used to describe the Miami Heat or the feelings of their rattled fans. And contrary to popular belief the team has shown inconsistencies with or without Dwyane Wade in the lineup.

Forget all of the talk about the team being off to their best start in franchise history. If you actually sit and watch their first 41 games, you see that the Heat have wasted a majority of their season. And yes, we know that the Eastern Conference barely goes about three teams deep, but Battier finally said what most people have been thinking all year. The Heat are emotionally draining because they are horrible on one side of the ball.

“We scored enough points to win, so obviously it was defense,” LeBron James told ESPN following the team’s seven-point loss in Atlanta. “Especially in the first half.”

During the two initial quarters of their 2013-14 games, the team has been seen sleepwalking. And as a result the defending champs are often left having to play comeback which has been torturous basketball to watch — regardless of their potent offense.

Since the start of 2014, Miami has given up 548 total first half points including scores of 65, 69, 60 and 71. Yet the team keeps telling us “it’s still early,” but that gets old quick — about as quick at January turns to June. Still, nothing else really matters but getting to June.  However, if the Heat’s focus is truly on the Indiana Pacers, they have to wake up or they will be going into the second half with a deficit against one of the NBA’s best third quarter scorers (Paul George).

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