Are The Cleveland Cavaliers Building an NBA Championship Winning Team?

By kennethbrown
Robert Mayer- USA TODAY Sports

During LeBron James‘ entire Cleveland Cavaliers career the team was desperately trying to win an NBA championship. They had nearly all of the makings of a winning team, but come crunch time in the playoffs they never had enough. This sent a disappointed LeBron to the Miami Heat and left the Cavaliers reeling, but they’re finally on the road to recovery.

The question is, can the team they currently posses win an NBA championship? The answer is no, but what they do have is a talented core to build around to help them possibly contend again.

Luol Deng and Kyrie Irving make the Cavaliers a threat to other teams, but one can wonder: Iis it enough to take them far in the future? Firstly, Deng’s contract expires after this season, so the Cavaliers will have to decide whether they want to try and entice him to stay or to pursue another target — quite possibly LeBron.

That’s right. The man who had them in contention every season and broke the Cavaliers’ fans heart could be the answer to the problem his departure started. Ironically he never had help during his time in Cleveland, but the talented roster they posses would be a frightening prospect under LeBron’s leadership.

There’s a lot of basketball to be played, but the Cavaliers could finally solve all of their problems in 2014. Will Deng stick around, will LeBron come home or will the Cavaliers pursue other options? Regardless of which path they take, the Cavaliers want to win as soon as possible. Expect bigger, better moves that are similar in stature to the Deng trade.

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