Can Luol Deng Overcome Emotions and Lead His Cleveland Cavaliers to Victory Over Chicago Bulls?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

After spending his entire career as a member of the Chicago Bulls it would be easy to see if Luol Deng was feeling emotional at facing his former team Wednesday night. Deng was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a move that was the talk of the NBA, and he will be welcoming his former team to his new home, Cleveland.

Both teams have had their struggles, and although it wasn’t a romantic ending in Chicago for Deng, they will no doubt hold a place close to his heart. But when asked about how he felt he replied, “I’m not going to start crying and hugging the guys.” This shows he’s a winner, and his dedicated attitude has already transferred from the Bulls’ locker room to the Cavaliers.

Both teams still hold playoff aspirations in the weakened Eastern Conference and will be looking to win against one another. This should be an excellent encounter, but it will be Deng who is the hot topic surrounding this game. The Cavaliers will expect to win this, and you can be sure that Deng will be the difference maker if they pull it off.

The Cavaliers have a new hero, and although Chicago provided Deng with good memories, you can bet your last dollar that he will give his everything to help his new team beat his old one. Deng has made himself a fan favorite pretty quickly in Cleveland, and if he can play well against his old team, that will only increase his reputation with the Cavs and make his former team miss him all the more.

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