Cleveland Cavaliers Need to Stop Expecting Second-Half Miracles

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had some awful — and some magical — moments this season, but they need to help themselves if they are to continue their recent improvement. The first way to do this is by playing consistently across all four quarters instead of falling behind heavily in the first-half and figuring it out in the second-half. In their recent home encounter against the Dallas Mavericks they were getting truly dominated in the first-half only to lose by a small amount in comparison. Had they of played consistently for the entire game they would probably have another win to their name.

The Mavericks downed the Cavaliers 102-97, leaving Mike Brown‘s men wondering how they can eradicate their inconsistencies. The Cavaliers appear to depend heavily on their momentum, and when things are going bad they tend to struggle to regain the form needed to win a game. However, when they are attempting a comeback and put it all together, they appear to be unstoppable. No team should be so poor then become so good in such a quick amount of time, and this is evidently a major problem within the Cavaliers’ roster.

The Cavaliers have the tools for success, and they could experience more with some consistency. If they are to achieve their playoff targets then they cannot keep making excuses for poor spells in many of their losses. They will have to learn to dig deep and depend on their talented players like Kyrie Irving and Luol Deng. The Cavaliers have proven they can be a dangerous opponent, but half of the battle they’re facing is they’re a danger to themselves.

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