DeMarcus Cousins Reportedly Added To Team USA Player Pool

By Karim Akbar
Mark D. Smith – USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are enjoying lots of good press these days, and are thriving when it comes to the bottom line. The Kings’ profits this year are estimated at $12 million according to Forbes magazine. On the court, DeMarcus Cousins, who had his 15-game double-double streak snapped Wednesday due to injury, is also enjoying success. Cousins has “everyday a star is born” in his Twitter bio, and his moment could be now.

The full list, which will be announced tomorrow, features plenty of talent. According to reports, Damien Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Stephen Curry and James Harden will also be added. Cousins, to his credit, deserves the nod without a doubt and could very easily gain a spot on the team. The announcement also comes at a good time because the FIBA World Cup is this August and the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero are just two years away.

The benefit to Cousins is validation. An Olympic nod always carries prestige;the time playing alongside LeBron James and these other standout athletes is just tremendous. Cousins has already seen improvement on the offensive end with his tireless offseason work and his time playing on last year’s National team practice squad. He can also continue to soak up the knowledge from guru Mike Krzyzewski

Sure, an All-Star selection by the fans and coaches would have been just as good as a National team selection, but for Cousins, this has to be indulgence at its finest. Cousins is putting up a brilliant season thus far. If he’s motivated by the hate and struggle as he says, he may not have to deal with either very much longer.

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