Do Dallas Mavericks Have Assets for Rajon Rondo?

By Miotch
Rajon Rondo
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Yes, they were merely rumors last year, but the mere mention of the idea of Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo wearing a Dallas Mavericks jersey got Mavericks fans pie-in-the-sky dreaming. The fact remained that even if the Celtics were shopping Rondo (which they apparently were not doing), the Mavericks by no means were in possession of the assets — let alone the draft picks — to make a trade happen. And of course, Rondo had just had surgery to repair a torn ACL.

But now Rondo is back. And the Celtics? Well, Danny Ainge and company are obviously in total rebuilding mode. And the Mavericks, unlike the past two seasons, have legitimate assets. Just look at the Mavericks’ backcourt this season as opposed to last year. Career backup Darren Collison and aged journeyman Mike James were the primary point guards for the Mavericks last year. That is as terrible as it gets from a production standpoint, and their contracts were not the sort that can help in the ‘moving parts’ financials that bring back superstars like Rondo.

But now look at the Mavericks. At point guard, there’s Jose Calderon, a good offensive point guard making more than $7 million this season. There’s also Shawn Marion making more than $10 million and Brandan Wright making $5 million. There’s also that young, talented spark plug of a rookie point guard in Shane Larkin. Ainge would have to want, in addition to other things, a young point guard in return.

Sure, the Mavericks can get in the playoffs without Rondo, but a ‘big three’ of Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis and Rondo would get Dallas back to legitimate NBA title contention. And the Mavericks have the assets to make it more than just a pipe dream.

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