Los Angeles Clippers: 'S' on Blake Griffin's Chest is a Sign of Heroism At Home

By christopherbrown
Brian Spurlock USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clipper fans would certainly maintain that forward Blake Griffin is worthy of having an ‘S’ stitched on his chest as a symbol of the aerial heroics that he’s displayed during his tenure in the NBA. Griffin’s endless highlight reel of rim assaults featuring a league of glorified extras in the Best of Blake Show has been in syndication since he entered the league, prompting concerned family and friends of the opposition to do whatever necessary to  tune into something more therapeutic.

Blake can fly. But outside of the  Staples Center, labeling Griffin as soft is a growing phenomenon instigating a style of basketball that seems to only apply to the All-Star two-time dunk champion.

The wannabe tough fan has voiced several opinions when it comes to the cheap-shot trend that followed Griffin throughout the league. Fighting back has been the most popular outcry for fans home and away.  Many associate toughness with physical retaliation, but Griffin is paid to play basketball. Fighters are paid to fight, something a short-handed Clipper team can ill afford. An ejection or possible suspension could take the team from contention to a top heavy lottery with a few balls and slim chance of receiving much more than a developmental player.

Another possibility is that Griffin simply does like to fight and doesn’t know how retaliate in a basketball game that will occasionally reenact a scene from the movie “Fight Club.”

Men fight to protect the home, families and the remote. Basketball players battle an 82-game schedule to protect home-court in case a playoff run is awarded at year’s end.   Bullies are generally watching the postseason at home, misunderstood and bitter about the milk money they’ve surrendered before their height was considered a meal ticket.

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