Ongoing Disagreements Between Players and Mike Woodson Spells Doom For New York Knicks

By Damein Fitzgerald
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson has seemingly had a disagreement with each and every player on the roster this season. Everyone knows about the well-publicized rift between Woodson and J.R. Smith, but there has been and continues to be a continuous issue between coach and player in New York.

It’s gotten to the point that Woodson has to resort to confronting players about comments made in postgame interviews, which is never a sign of a coach that has the confidence of his players. In Woodson’s case, he hasn’t done much to gain the player’s confidence in him this season, and that relationship has probably suffered irreparable damage.

Imagine being the coach of the Knicks after yet another embarrassing loss, then hear about one of your players accusing you of being out coached by Jason Kidd of all people. The same Kidd that resorted to one of the most blatantly desperate moves ever seen in the NBA earlier this season.

Kidd told one of his players to hit him in an arena with cameras everywhere, so he could spill water on the floor for extra time to draw up a play with his team out of timeouts. It’s pretty disrespectful that Tyson Chandler would believe Woodson was outperformed by that guy.

Woodson was right for confronting Chandler, but the only way he can avoid any further criticism is to win games, and I really don’t foresee the Knicks doing much of that anytime soon. New York is in serious danger of missing the playoffs due to the negativity in their locker room, and they can’t even get a first round pick in the upcoming draft as a consolation.

Hopefully, the Knicks come together as a team to play well in spite of their bad relationship with Woodson, so that they may make a run at the playoffs. Unfortunately, the players have probably already thrown in the towel on this season, because they obviously aren’t supporting Woodson right now.

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