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LeBron James: 5 Reasons He Should Leave Miami Heat This Summer

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LeBron James Needs To Leave The Miami Heat

LeBron James
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On the surface of things, life is rosy for LeBron James with the Miami Heat, as he is a two time defending NBA Champion, two time defending NBA MVP, and is scoring 26.2 points per game. Additionally, the Heat are out to an impressive 30-12 record, James is playing alongside two great friends in Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, all the while living in South Beach. It would be a wonder to many how life could get any better for any person on Earth.

But while some people may look at the glass as half full, James very well could be looking at his current situation with a bit of trepidation, especially considering he will be a free agent this summer. At the age of 29, James is clearly focused on winning six NBA Championships and matching, or surpassing, the legacy left by Michael Jordan, but time is certainly running out on making this happen.

Furthermore, there is a legitimate case to be made that winning six championships and continuing to dominate the game of basketball would be much easier for James outside of Miami. And if there is one thing everyone knows about James, it is that winning means much more than loyalty to any given franchise, or else he would still be playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With the likelihood of James leaving Miami increasing with every day, the calendar grows closer to the opening of NBA free agency on. Keeping this in mind, I have identified five compelling reasons why James should leave the Heat this summer for another franchise, with each reason serving as a legitimate reason that the star player will be swayed to leave his current home once free agency hits.


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5. There Really Is No Big Three In Miami Anymore

LeBron James
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After two NBA titles in three seasons with Wade and Bosh, few are doubting James' decision to go to Miami, but staying with these two would be questionable. Wade has seen his point per game total drop from 25.5 in year one to 18.9 this year, and seemingly cannot stay healthy for two games in a row anymore. Meanwhile, Bosh has seen a drop from 18.7 to 16.3, and has never truly looked like a superstar in Miami. Finding younger and more agile sidekicks will not be difficult in free agency, and will surely give James his best chance to get six rings.

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4. Money Will Follow James Anywhere

LeBron James
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By staying with the Heat, James could a higher salary than if he heads elsewhere because of the way the NBA collective bargaining agreement, but we have already seen with his move to Miami that endorsements will follow him anywhere. Last year, he made $42 million in endorsements alone, and continuing to win championships will likely only result in an increase on this number. Simply put, leaving Miami could actually help James make more money.

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3. Winning Championships Without Wade and Bosh Will Only Help Legacy

LeBron James
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One of the biggest knocks on James -- and by extension, his legacy -- throughout his time in Miami is that he can't win without Wade and Bosh, even if he won two NBA MVP's and is the best basketball player since Michael Jordan. Moving out of Miami and winning elsewhere will alleviate this thinking, as by winning with different personnel, James will show the world that sidekicks need him, not the other way around.

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2. Shooting More Would Be Outside of Miami

LeBron James
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James has recently stated that he is jealous that Kevin Durant can shoot the basketball 30 or more times per game. Of course, James could conceivably shoot whenever he wants in Miami, but the wide open system of Erik Spoelstra often forces him to become more of a distributor than hit man with the ball. Any other team in the NBA would love to form their offense around James, and he will be able to shoot 60 times per game outside of Miami if that so pleases him.

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1. Home Is Calling

LeBron James
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Ever since James left Cleveland, there have been rumblings that he would return in the future, and in fact, some of these rumors have been led on by King James himself. This summer could be the perfect time to go home, not only to stay in his own house, but to team up with impressive youngsters Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson, in addition to the ever impressive Luol Deng. These four players would give James much better core support than he currently has in Miami, and by extension, will give him a better chance to build a legacy as the best ever.