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5 Reasons Why Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Belong in 2014 NBA All-Star Game

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5 Reasons Why Kobe Shouldn't Be An All-Star

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The starters of the upcoming NBA All-Star Game were announced on Thursday, and while there were some surprises, one stood head and shoulders above the rest and proved why the fan voting system needs to be modified.

Kevin Love getting the nod over Dwight Howard and Kyrie Irving being selected over John Wall are two choices that could be considered surprises, but both deserved their spot in the starting lineup. However, the fact that Kobe Bryant was voted to start the game is absolutely atrocious.

It seems like the fans only voted for Kobe based on the reason that he is a household name and that he is one of the most recognizable players worldwide. Even though that’s true, and he is also one of the best players in the NBA when he is healthy, the injuries have become a regular issue with him.

As things stand right now, Kobe would start the All-Star Game despite appearing in only six games throughout the season and not being the dominant force he used to be only last year where he singlehandedly carried the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs. It’s simply not right to give him a spot in the starting lineup, and there are five clear reasons why the Lakers’ star doesn’t belong in the upcoming contest to be held at the New Orleans Arena on Feb. 16.

Read on to find out why Kobe shouldn't be in New Orleans as a starter for the All-Star Game.

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5. Lack of Action This Season

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How can a player that has spent most of the season sidelined start the All-Star Game? Kobe will be re-evaluated at the end of January, but even when he might be cleared out to play, he won’t have enough time to justify his inclusion in the game.

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4. Not The Best Anymore

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Kobe is not the player he once was, and it seems like he’s not made for All-Star games anymore. He is not the elite player he used to be, and it was clear that he didn't want to be selected when he said he would’ve preferred his fans to vote for somebody else.

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3. Better Options Ahead Of Him

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Since the voting is separated by backcourt and frontcourt, some guys like James Harden and Chris Paul appear to be better options to start ahead of Bryant right now. Damian Lillard has played like an absolute star and Tony Parker is having one of the best seasons of his career. All of them could easily pair up with Stephen Curry and would be much better options than Kobe based on their current form.

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2. Health

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Let’s face it, Kobe is still injured. He won't be able to recover in time for the game and even if he does, he already chose to sit out so he can heal properly. The Lakers need him for the second part of the season, and he’s obviously putting the team ahead of a game that even he acknowledged he doesn't deserve to take part in.

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1. It Would Be Unfair To Players Who Have Played Most Of The Season

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Yes, the fans are the ones that decide which player starts every year, but the NBA should do something about cases like the one Kobe is facing this year. He only played six games this season, and it’s unfair to think he would start over guys that have played the majority of the campaign thus far.