Brooklyn Dodgers Colored Uniforms Revealed By Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

A big shoutout to the Brooklyn Dodgers from the borough’s one and only current major pro sports team, the Brooklyn Nets, appears to be on the horizon. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Brooklyn’s NBA team recently revealed an alternate grey and royal blue uniform that will commemorate the former MLB team that famously gave Jackie Robinson the opportunity to break baseball’s color barrier back in the 1950s. The letters, numbers, neck and stripes down the side of the jersey will be blue, while the base of the jersey will be covered in a light grey. Sleeves – which bring me to the verge of tears once again – will also be featured.

With the exception of the hideous, pointless sleeves, everything about this uniform is simply beautiful. Not only the pleasant aesthetics, but the entire concept as well.

Sure, the Dodgers bolted town for the Los Angeles sunshine following the conclusion of the 1957 season, leaving Brooklyn lacking a big time team for five and a half decades until the Nets bid farewell to New Jersey, but it’s great to see that the Nets still want to pay homage to them. Not only did general manager Branch Rickey’s bold decision to sign Robinson, an African American, to a contract in 1945 have an enormous impact on the nation during times of segregation, but the Dodgers were also World Series Champions in 1955.

Meaning there’s plenty to honor with these uniforms. Plenty that needs to be honored.

Don’t be surprised to see the Nets break out these uniforms for each of the upcoming years they call Brooklyn home. This idea is wonderful.

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