Brooklyn Nets Forward Mirza Teletovic Should Take More Shots

By Mike B. Ruiz
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

After watching Mirza Teletovic absolutely go off against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night, you don’t have to be as smart as most now realize Richard Sherman is to know what Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd is probably thinking.

This guy needs to let it fly more often.

Whether it’s from beyond the three-point arc or inside of it coming off the dribble, Teletovic showed magnificent touch against the Mavs, most notably during the second quarter when the second year player made 6-of-7 three point attempts and totaled a ridiculous 24 points. By the end of the night, Teletovic had put up 34 points, a new career high. He finished 12-18 from the field and 7-11 from the three-point line as the Nets held on for a 107-106 victory and continued their mostly victorious month of basketball.

Now, obviously it’s impossible to consistently be as scorching hot as Teletovic was on Friday, but that type of performance still makes everyone in the building, other than the opponent, want to see him take more shots. Following an 18 shot, 34 point night, Teletovic is now averaging 6.8 field goal attempts and 8.4 points per game.

For most bench players who aren’t sixth men, that would definitely be acceptable production, but with that type of shooting ability at a 6-foot-9 frame, Teletovic has to get into the habit of taking 10-12 shots every night because of his potential to be a game changer. It’s not even a matter of getting wide open and hoping his teammates happen to find him like he usually does. He has a pure jumper that is certainly respectable coming off the dribble, and he needs to show more confidence in it, so long as he isn’t forcing up bad shots in the process.

After the display put on against the Mavs, Kidd and the rest of his players simply want to witness a continuous growth in both the confidence and production of this sharpshooter.

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