Carmelo Anthony's 62-Point Game Isn't As Good As Kevin Durant's Career-High Performance

By Brian Anderson
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Before anyone gets too excited about Carmelo Anthony scoring 62 points in the New York Knicks‘ victory on Friday night, I want to state that Kevin Durant‘s 54 points were far more impressive.

Anthony finished the game with 35 shot attempts compared to Durant’s 25 attempts in the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s win over the Golden State Warriors. Anthony was obviously on a mission to score an absurd amount from the start of the game. I believe he was actually inspired by Durant’s performance — trying to prove that he can put up huge numbers whenever he pleases as well. Still, Anthony should not think he is as good of a scorer as Durant is at this point.

Durant has been on a tear all month, posting four games with 48 or more points over a span of two weeks. Anthony has a lot of work to do to be mentioned in the same breath as Durant’s monstrous performance in the month of January. I don’t want to take anything away from Anthony’s 62-point night, but I want to prevent anyone from giving him more credit than he deserves.

We will be seeing this performance on every sports media outlet over the next week. You will clearly see that Anthony was on a mission and forcing up shots even though he was hot. Durant’s numbers came within the flow of the game, which made it more spectacular. Another point I want to make is that he was playing against the Charlotte Bobcats, who have improved, but are still a bad team overall. Durant worked his magic against a very good Warriors team. As I mentioned before, Durant scored 54-on-25 shot attempts. If he took 35 shots like Anthony, then he probably would have finished with 70-points or more, especially with his ability to get to the free-throw line.

Anthony’s performance was amazing, but he is on a bad team. Durant actually has teammates who contribute on a nightly basis and his team has a winning record. When Durant scores in bunches, it results in wins. Anthony finished the night with zero assists as well, so that proves even more that he came into this game with every intention on scoring big. Durant finished with six assists en route to his career night.

Overall, Durant’s performance was clearly more special, but Anthony deserves a nod for the second best performance of the NBA season thus far.

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