Dennis Rodman Could Be In Legal Trouble Over Gifts to Kim Jong Un

By Andrew Fisher
Dennis Rodman
Getty Images

Dennis Rodman has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. His dealings with North Korea have been making headlines for awhile now, but after his nonsensical tirade went viral a couple weeks back, everything started to really go down hill for the former basketball star.

Shortly after embarrassing himself on CNN, Rodman entered a rehab facility for help with ongoing battle with alcohol. But now that news sounds great compared to the latest.

The US Treasury Department is apparently looking into whether he broke the law in regards to importing ‘luxury goods’ into North Korea on his latest visit. Rodman reportedly brought gifts for Kim Jong Un and his wife, such as an Italian suit, a fur coat, and an expensive handbag. In addition he’s said to have gifted lots of Jameson Whiskey and his own brand of vodka.

If Rodman is convicted of breaking the ‘International Emergency Economic Powers Act’ he could face up to a $1 million fine and 20 years in prison.

It’s starting to look like those who thought Rodman was going to North Korea as a spy, might have been a little off the mark. That seems very unlikely at this point, but I’m the sure the conspiracy nuts will just label this latest development as part of the plan.

Personally, I just hope that Rodman goes away until he gets his personal life in order. It’s safe to say, he needs to re-evaluate who he associates with.


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