Dennis Rodman Under Investigation Over North Korea Trip

By Karim Akbar
Getty Images

Well, maybe now he won’t run for any sort of public office.

Being a politician isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, as Dennis Rodman found out the hard way on Friday morning. The Daily Beast reports Rodman is facing federal investigation over allegations he provided luxury goods to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un — a serious violation of the U.N. ban on imported goods to North Korea. The law was signed in 2010 by President Barack Obama.

The allegations could gain traction as the Korean leader and his wife were allegedly given several bottles of Rodman’s own ‘Bad Ass Vodka’, a fur coat, European crystal and other items totaling a reported $10,000 in all. If Rodman wanted ‘basketball diplomacy’, he failed on every level and now could be in some serious legal trouble.

The Treasury Department and the State Department are working together on the investigation, and it’s only a matter of time before the Justice Department weighs in with their stance on the whole matter, a step which would lead to a trial.

Whatever compelled Dennis to take this trip with six other NBA players to schmooze with America’s public enemy no. 1 is beyond me. Sources say Rodman took the North Korea trip hard, especially when it came to the aftermath of the CNN rant. Even those close to him claim that Rodman drank heavily ‘more than we have seen’, according to the Daily Beast. Days after returning to the U.S., Rodman entered himself into an undisclosed alcohol treatment center.

We don’t exist in Rodman’s world, and in a lengthy list of crazy stunts Dennis has pulled, this isn’t even in the top 10. He’s got to own up for his latest run-in with the law. Rodman has always had a friend and mentor in former coach Phil Jackson, but he may need to consult an equally talented lawyer this time around. Either way, Rodman may be in some serious legal trouble here, but maybe this time he’ll think twice about taking up diplomacy.

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