Fans Have Their Reservations on Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul

By christopherbrown
Sam Sharpe – USA TODAY Sports

NBA fans awarded Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry with enough votes to make him the Western Conference starter in this season’s upcoming All-Star game. This will be the young sniper’s first appearance, although one could argue he was well overdue. Congratulation to Curry, his teammates, coach and family.

Thursday will be forever remembered as the day Curry arrived, and the day that one of the most unspeakable crimes to ever be committed on the NBA landscape occurred. And if Los Angeles Clippers league assist leader, pocket picker Chris Paul, is not banging down the doors of his local precinct, Clipper Nation should demand an investigation on his behalf.

Yes, Paul is a little banged up right now. He’s currently rehabbing a separated shoulder that sideline him Jan. 3. All-Star festivities will begin in less than a month and by all indication, Paul will have to sit this out, but that’s a technicality that doesn’t takes the voting fan base off the hook. Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is among the starters chosen to represents the Western Conference and he hasn’t player all season, even when he was on the court for brief  stint a month ago.

No one would suggest that fans that support the league shouldn’t be a part of the voting process, but All-Star selections are to match the best of the east against the best of the west, and that vote should be left to the coaches. Let the fate of the league’s reserves be in the hands of the fans. Aside from hand full of mega stars, fan favorites consist of sixth men, and energy players that excites fans and gives the true meaning of home court advantage. Yet, as it stands now, starters are selected through the process of popularity.

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