Houston Rockets No Longer A Championship Threat

By Greg Douglas
Dwight Howard
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

After making the biggest splash in the NBA offseason, the Houston Rockets continue to fade out of the championship picture and have become nothing more than an afterthought. The Rockets signed outspoken big man Dwight Howard in the offseason, but things have not turned out exactly as planned in Houston. Houston possesses two of the best players in the NBA today and a bright young star, but the duos inconsistency and a lack of role players has been detrimental to Houston’s success. Can the Rockets become more than just an average team out west?

Houston lost another game Friday when the team’s second half push fell just short against the Memphis Grizzlies‘. Houston lost 88-87 due to a sub-par performance by both Howard and James Harden. Both players did record a double-double, but only combined to score 21 points in the loss. Chandler Parsons was the team’s leading scorer with 34 points on just 17 attempts. Houston has the talent to be a championship contender, but a lack of cohesiveness will cost the team in the long run.

Many people thought Houston would pose a problem for the reigning champs in the finals, but this team is far from a championship contender at the moment and sit in fifth place in the Western Conference. The Rockets thought that signing Howard would be the solution to an ailing team, but Houston, we have a problem. The Howard experiment did not workout in Los Angeles and this year has provided the same storyline in a different city.

After the past few years, it is time to face the fact that Howard is not a franchise player. He can be a complementary piece on a championship team, but he cannot will a team to victory. Houston will never win a championship as currently constructed, because the parts do not mesh well together.

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