Jannero Pargo Shows He Can Take On a Bigger Role with Charlotte Bobcats

By danielcarney
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Through the first half of the season Jannero Pargo was the definition of a non-factor. Playing in just nine of a possible 41 games proved to many Charlotte Bobcats fans that the 34-year-old point guard was a waste of roster space. With the absence of starting point guard Kemba Walker, Pargo has gotten a small chance to show that he can indeed be a factor. He has capitalized tremendously in that opportunity.

In the past two games Pargo has received a combined total of 26 minutes (still not much at all) and has scored 22 points (9-for-15 shooting) grabbed three rebounds and dished six assists. That might not look impressive to most, but just remember 26 minutes is what an average starter gets. Those are some pretty good numbers for not even three quarters of play in a two game span.

Pargo is averaging a Bobcats team-low of 5.5 minutes a game with just 11 games under the belt so far this season (one period of time he wasn’t played for 16 straight games). Could his role for this team change very soon? Possibly, but I wouldn’t go as far as giving him any significant time in the rotation.

When Kemba Walker returns to the lineup Pargo will once again ride the bench for an enormous amount of time, but is Steve Clifford missing out on a surprise piece of this rising team? The third string PG has proved to us in the past two games that he can shine when he is given the time to make a statement.

He hasn’t gotten the chance to prove himself this year, and awarding him with just double digit minutes could make that much of a difference for the often forgotten guard. If he keeps thriving in the increased role given in Walker’s absence, maybe coach Clifford will re think Pargo’s seldom used talent as a member of the team. He can still be a relevant player in the NBA, and I truly mean that.

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